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Emmipet Teeth Cleaning

£30 for the first session

£18 there after

Get in touch now to give your dog some minty freshness! 

My passion is caring for our furry friends and making them feel good. I believe that all pets should be treated as individuals and I make every effort to ensure that every dog that enters my grooming room has the most pleasant experience possible.


I do not hold pets all day in a crate like some other grooming salons. You simply come and drop them off and pick them up an hour or two later.

A pampered pet is a happy pet so I always use holistic shampoo/conditioners and colognes. Your dog will be bathed in the appropriate shampoo/conditioner for their skin and coat type.


Treat your pet like you would treat yourself after all they are part of your family.


Grooming and bathing your pets has huge benefits, it keeps their coats and skin clean and healthy.

We Love Our Animals and  What We Do!

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